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Our Process

The 5 Financial Chords

Decades of expertise has taught our team at Opus Wealth Management Group a lot of things. One, in particular, is appreciating the unique financial situation of each client. We have also gleaned some wisdom from our many client relationships over the years. Specifically, that our guidance and advice always leads to solving five major financial challenges and concerns, or as we like to call them, the five financial chords.

Whether you seek clarity in establishing your financial goals or require advanced planning, our skilled professionals are versed in managing any of the five financial chords.

Our Three Keys of Wealth Management

So, where do you begin with Opus Wealth Management Group? By jumping from “chords” to “keys,” of course! Our team of experts gives our firm the ability to provide a client experience rarely found in traditional client/advisor relationships.  We call it our three keys to wealth management: investment consulting, advanced planning, and relationship management. Watch the video below to better understand exactly how we do it:

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