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Roger Harper

Roger Harper

Administrative Associate to Jeff Harper

Roger recently joined Jeff’s team to support numerous administrative and support processes in Jeff and Kyle Harper’s busy practice. Roger’s keen attention to detail is a great fit for an office environment that prides itself on 100% accuracy – an important accomplishment when dealing with clients’ financial well-being.

Roger is quick to adapt to new responsibilities which makes him Jeff’s and Kyle’s go-to associate for several projects. Roger handles the accounting processes for Jeff’s team.

Fun Facts about Roger:

Roger has played the drums for over 40 years. Most recently, he has played drums for a worship band at his church. Roger likes banging on drums to alleviate stress and doing it in church adds inspiration.

Roger’s and Leslie’s mothers live 15 miles apart in Kentucky, so when they visit their moms they wave goodbye until they rejoin to head back to Chicago.

Favorite Quote:

“We shall never know all the good that a simple smile can do.” -Mother Teresa